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We are glad to welcome you on the website of PJSC "UKRPKTILESPROM"!

"Ukrainian Design Technological Institute" PKTI was founded in 1961 on the basis of a small design and estimate bureau of the Stanislavsky Forestry and Logging Department economic council. In 1965, the institute was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forestry and Woodworking Industry of Ukraine (since 1991, the State Committee of Ukraine for the Woodworking Industry). On December 28, 1994, in the process of privatization on the basis of PKTI, an open joint-stock company "Ukrainian Design Technological Institute of the Forest Industry" OJSC "UkrPKTIlesprom" was created. Since 2010 it has been renamed to PJSC "UkrPKTIlesprom". In 2017 it was renamed to PJSC "UKRPKTILESPROM".

The main activities are: