One of the main activities of PJSC "UKRPKTILESPROM" is the creation of design documentation for industrial facilities. The PKTI design complex specializes in all types of woodworking industries, namely:

- Chipboard (wood chipboard);

- fiberboard (wood fiber board);

- MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard);

- OSB (oriented strand board);

- Postforming tiles.

The company provides services for all types of architectural and construction design:

We carry out the following sections of the project:

- Plumbing (heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, gas supply);

- Technological (aspiration and pneumatic transport);

- Electrical (power supply, grounding, lighting, automation, low-current networks);

We carry out special sections of the project:

PJSC "UKRPKTILESPROM" also carries out adaptation of foreign projects in accordance with the state building codes of Ukraine (DBN), carries out inspection and measurement of existing buildings, structures and other engineering facilities.

The company has the necessary licenses and qualifications to create a full complex of project documentation at the following stages: