Purpose - pressing small wood waste (sawdust, shavings), straw, sunflower husks, buckwheat, flax fires into fuel briquettes.

Screw press, continuous action, the main components of which are the hopper and screw press. The hopper is used to accumulate sawdust and is equipped with a feeding screw conveyor. The screw press consists of a main shaft, a body, a working body, a pressing head and a device for separating briquettes. The main shaft is driven by an electric motor using a V-belt transmission. At the end of the main shaft, a screw thread is made, which serves to supply sawdust to the pressing zone, and a working body is also attached, which is a conical screw with a shank. The pressing head consists of a sleeve, inside which guides are mounted, pressing and forming bushings. Outside the sleeve there is a holder with electric heaters that heat the pressing zone to a temperature of 280-350 ° C. The device for separating briquettes is made in the form of a spring-loaded wheel, on the generatrix of which knives are installed, the distance between which is equal to the length of the obtained briquettes.

1 - bunker; 2 - raw materials; 3 - feeding auger; 4 - sealing auger; 5 - pressing head; 6 - heaters;

7 - separator; 8 - tapered auger; 9 - main shaft; 10 - corpus.

Productivity, kg / hour: 350 - 450
Rotation frequency of the working body, min-1 600
Dimensions of briquettes, section, mm 50 X 50
length, mm 300
Hopper volume, m3 1,1
Heating temperature of the press head, degrees. 280 - 350
Maximum sawdust moisture,% 10
Installed power, kW 46.35
Power consumption, kW 28

Overall dimensions, mm:







Weight, kg 2200
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